Rites Of Passage

Episode 10: Highs and Lows

Confident with the new information they received, The Quartet set out to find the quiet Swordsman at his lair. Using the directions given to them by Briggan the Bold to the bluffs, Gimbel lead them to the bluffs near the Northern docks. Gimbel stayed near the docks so no nefarious pirates would follow them. Upon reaching the cave entrance, they can see lit torches along the interior of the walls. The group gathered at the entrance to formulate a plan. Bud decided to sneak into the cave to scout ahead, navigating the shadows all the way. As he made his way into the tunnel, Bud turned a corner of the cave and saw The Quiet Swordsman worshiping his Patron with blood sacrifices.

Bud’s unending bravery or carelessness led him to attempt to steal the ring off the swordsman finger with his new magic abilities. Bud attempted to slide the ring off The Quiet Swordsman’s hand using a powerful mage hand spell. Unfortunately, the Swordsman noticed and quickly clenched his fists to keep his ring intact. Bud quickly ran back to the entrance of the cave. The Quiet Swordsman walking calmly behind him, seemingly unwavered by the situation.

As The Quiet Swordsman left the cave, the group confronted The Swordsman. They attempted (poorly) ask him questions in an attempt to get information. The Swordsman was not interested in answering questions and began to walk away….. he warned them not to follow as he would take that as an aggressive action. The group, not deterred…. or just not getting the hint, kept following him. Ilythian took this opportunity to run into the cave and destroy the the The Swordsman’s alter.

Meanwhile outiside, The Swordsman began casting a devious enchantment that warped the time around the group, slowing them where they stood. He moved into attack but it was Boris who won the day by channeling his God’s Divine my into a holy strike that severely wounded The Swordsman.

Undeterred, The Swordsman kept charging and with two quick slices, made sure Boris would not be casting any more spells during this encounter. Still affected by the slow spell, Velnaar could not react fast enough for the Swordsmen, so he charged Bud (who was hiding behind some nearby rocks). Bud, waited for the perfect opportunity, casted a sleep spell that put The Swordsmen to sleep. As The Swordsman slept, they quickly dispatched him while he was helpless. They then proceeded to take the Arcane Brotherhood ring from you his hand and took all his money valuables.

The group then moved on to the second part of their plan which was to raid the Cult of the Dragon headquarters at the north side of town. After some recon by Bud, the quartet attempted to sneak through the rear of the warehouse…. but failed. One of the guards alerted the others and the group quickly ran inside and battled with the cult of the Dragon members. The group eliminated many cult members that day, and made their way chamber below in fear that more would come. However, as they explored underneath the warehouse they discovered they were not alone. The wizard from the bridge as well as 2 new enemies; a masked man with daggers and a priest of the Cult of the Dragon. Upon noticing Bud, the cleric seemingly summoned fiends out of thin air to surround him the group quickly scrambled to run away. The Quartet made their way back up the warehouse, out the back door, and back to Gimbel’s house.

The next day, the group now had a little money from their battles, so they decided to go shopping. Unfortunately, The Quartet has not learned that word travels fast in the crime-ridden city of Luskan and made no attempts to cover their tracks. As they came back from the merchant shop, the undead corpses of the cult members began to surrounded them in the middle of the street. A short distance away, they can see the wizard Of The Cult of the Dragon manipulating arcane energies to command the undead to destroy our adventurers.


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