Rites Of Passage

Episode 11: Things are heating up!

As the zombies surround the quartet, the group huddles together…. bracing themselves from an onslaught of the undead. The shambled forward and began attacking the heroes. The Quartet immediately sprang into action. Velnaar charged toward the mage, Bud turned to handle a group of zombies coming down an alley, and finally Boris and Illythian held the center. As the ensuing battle raged on. it initially looked bleak for our adventures. Velnaar became trapped in a group of zombies trying to get to the mage. Boris seemingly forgets that he can tap into his Divine powers to battle the undead and fights them head on with his Warhammer, and the rest become more and more surrounded.

Illythian was doing his best to stay out of direct combat, but was surprised when one of the zombies turned out to be the cult of the Dragon assassin! Cleverly disguised, he crept up on Illythian and delivered a devastating attack….. stabbing him repeatedly in his torso and dropping him in a pool of his own blood.

Fortunately, things didn’t stay bad for long! Boris finally realized that he can tap into the power of Bahamut and turned the zombies with his Divine might. With an explosion of holy light, most of the zombie horde turned and shambled away. This cleaned up the streets enough for Illthian to be healed and for them to mop up the rest of the undead. Velnaar, finally cleaved his way through most of the zombies….. reaching the mage and cleaving him in two. Boris, Bud, and Illythian team up on the Assassin.. finally felling him after a succession of attacks. The quartet decided to stabilize the Assassin and bring him with them for questioning. They decided to head back to Gimble’s house as the group decided the best thing to do was to head back to the safest place they know. However, they soon discover that Gimble’s house was attacked and is now a raging Inferno in the center of the city.

The Quartet ducked into a nearby alley, healed the Assassin back into consciousness and began questioning him. The Assassin revealed that he was merely a soulsword and was only helping the Cult of the Dragon because the price was right. The Assassin also revealed that the Cleric of Tiamat took Gimble and the Cleric of Bahamut with him…. returning to the Cult’s old headquarters on the north side of town. Unable to provide any more help, Velnaar brutally murders the Assassin in the alleyway much to the surprise of the rest of the group. Without time to really process what actually happened, the group headed to the Cult’s warehouse.

When the group arrived at the old Warehouse, they discovered that Gimble and the old Cleric of Bahamut were chained to two posts in front of the warehouse. Guarded by a couple of Cult of the Dragon fanatics and about to be executed by the Cleric of Tiamat, the group springs into action. A battle ensued once again on the streets of Luskan, resulting in the group defeating the Cleric of Tiamat. The group also successfully rescued Gimble and the old cleric of Bahamut.

With seemingly no other safe place to go, the Quartet decided to stay in the Cult’s secret base underneath the warehouse. It is there they discovered the phylactery of the dracolich in a large chamber hidden by a secret door. After more searching, they also discovered a treasure room cleverly trapped that almost killed the group. Due to their dire situation, the Quartet decides to take a long rest while underground where they felt they were safe.

However, something else was set to occur at that time. During the time where everybody was asleep, Illythian noticed Bud’s book next to him on the floor. The book suddenly opens on its own, with the pages turning as if a gust of wind suddenly swept through the room. From seemingly the book itself, a long sickly hand begins to crawl out of the book…. then another hand. A mysterious creature begins to pull itself up and out of the book.

Illythian watches on in horror.


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