Rites Of Passage

Episode 12: What dreams may come

The strange form emerged from the book…… a female twisted and evil. Her sickly long fingers gave way to wicked looking claws and eyes exposing a sadistic nature. Illythian was shocked and terrified, not knowing what to make of the situation. The creature seemed to ignore him and focus on Bud… looking at him with a sad expression. Illythian tried to mentally contact Bud to wake up. However, almost sensing Illythian’s manifestation of power, the creature suddenly shot him an intense glare. At the instance she made eye contact with Illythian, he felt his life force itself drain away and he fell to the ground unconscious.

Illythian “woke up” from his trance again and realized he was in the same room again. Not knowing what to make of his experience, he concluded it was a horrible nightmare. As the Quartet came out of their slumber, they strategized on what to do next. Gimble decided to go back to Waterdeep and look for Alstan. Leolin decided to accompany the group as he had promised to lend his power to them to access the Ruins of Illusk. Nevertherless, the Quartet seemed hellbent with first destroying the dracolich’s phylacrity.

But as they explored the the underground lair where the phylacrity lies, they realized something was wrong. They came across an ordinary looking door; that when opened, showed the opener what that person wanted to see most. For some… it was loved ones that were lost, for others…. it was a clan left behind. Each vision tested the characters resolve and while some broke down, others steel themselves and were able to pull away.

That wasn’t the only strange occurrence this night. During their exploration, each character experienced violent shaking as if somebody or something had control of their body. They also started to hear voices in the distance as if somebody was yelling at them in the back of their mind.

Finally, as reality itself seemed to unravel around them…. Bud realized what he was witnessing wasn’t real. He realized he was still dreaming and forced himself to wake up. Bud, now fully awake, looked around and saw that he was still in the room they camped in. Bud opens his eyes to see the creature in front of him, caressing his face. Everyone starts to wake up, each shocked to see that the creature is looming over Bud. The group notices that Bud is not afraid of the creature, but instead looks longingly at it.

The creature, noticing that all eyes are on it, hisses and screams loudly. The group was ready to spring into action, but before a weapon is drawn, the creature jumped back into the book. It seemed that the whole reality they just experienced was merely a nightmare…. a dream brought upon by the dark creature/. The Quartet theorizes that this unknown assailant could have possibly been sent by the Thayans to exact revenge on Bud. They decide to make their way to Waukeen’s Favor as it is the one safe place in Luskan that they know of.

However, Bud had different ideas. Possibly fearing the Thayans actions, Bud led them to the Repsillium in an attempt to make ammends. Bud convinces the group to wait for him and the group (for some reason) does so. He enters the long dark hallway and Olvan greets him at the other side. Before Bud could speak, Olvan launches a bolt of arcane lightning at him, electrocuting him on sight. The group springs into action to save Bud (once again), retreating from the Repsillium and making their way with haste to Waukeen’s Favor.


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