Rites Of Passage

Episode #20 and #21: Troubled Waters

After securing passage on the Bloody Serpent, the Quartet attempted to make themselves useful by working on the ship (or staying out of the way). All seemed calm and days rolled by uneventfully. On the eve of their arrival, a thunderstorm began, rocking the ship violently back and forth.

But there was another danger. Sahuagin had boarded the ship and attacked! They murdered more than half the crew before everyone rallied to defeat the denizens of the deep. After the Sahuagin threat was culled, the Quartet discovered that some of the crew was taken captive. The party managed to free them, but another threat loomed ahead. The ship was on a crash course with rocks that jutted out of the ocean… and beyond that a rocky cliff face would spell certain doom for everyone on board if the ship was slam into it. Luckily, the remaining crew and the party managed to take control and steer the ship to safety.

The ship ran aground, damaged beyond repair. After a quick search for survivors… the Quartet, Krydek, Urada, and Kion made there way to the beach. They found Joren’s camp but no one was there. They immediately started to search for clues. Amongst the things they found was a map of the island and a bunch of Joren’s notes. They looked through the notes and found mentions of several things: including Yuan Ti, a mysterious Tabaxi that roams the jungles, and a creature that stalks anything that moves.

Since Kion had been gravely injured by the crash, he slept through the night . As they all rest, Illythian begins to meditate. At dawn, Illythian notices what seems to be a young native woman crouched on a rock observing the camp. She seemed more curious than dangerous and eventually she ran back into the woods. Illythian seemed unaffected by the woman’s presence and begins to get with the group to plan their next move.

The next morning, Captain Krydek went back to the Bloody Serpent to look for supplies. The Quartet decided to look for the Tabaxi, who they determined was somewhere North West of the camp. Urada decided to stay after and look after Kion.

The party traveled into the jungle and was met by a vicious ambush. The Yuan Ti attacked! Seemingly out of the nowhere, they emerged from the high trees and jungle bushes. They attacked with claw and magic, holding nothing back. The Quartet, caught off guard, was unprepared for the onslaught and immediately went on the defensive. Things looked bleak, but the party rallied and defeated the Yuan Ti. Hearing the approach of more Yuan Ti in the distance, the group decides to abandon the mission at hand and head back to the beach.

In full retreat, they broke through the tree line and made it back to the warm sands of the beach. They rounded back to Joren’s camp and discovered that Urada and Kion are both missing. Now, confused, beaten, and defeated for the first time… the group decides what the next course of action is.


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