Rites Of Passage

Episode 5: Trial and Errors

The Trio eventually give into the guards and are taken into custody. They are brought to the jails and are held there overnight. Plans of escape are quickly doused when numerous guards were assigned to each of their cells
The night passed and soon the sun rose. The Trio were awakened and eventually taken to the courthouse where a crowd of people were aready in attendance with numerous people outside watching the spectacle. It is here where The Trio meet Silifrey Brightwood, the Stewardess of Icebone Peaks. The trial proceeded with The Trio being questioned about what happened with Isendor as well as the contents of his wares. They plead innocence (for the most part), but there was evidence levied against them. After a hasty trial, the Trio was found guilty and sentenced.
They were escorted by guards (and townsfolk) to a hill outside of Icebone Peaks. There was large hole that drops into a large cave below. The Trio were told that if they survive the caves, they would earn there freedom. This was considered a light sentence, as there were murmurs of a hanging being a more appropiate punishment.

One after another each of them was tossed in. An unnaturally cold wind whipped through them as if it were freezing their souls…. this was a no ordinary cave.
They soon found out why. This cave was home to the undead, and within it, the desecrated bodies of those that didn’t survive. The Trio battled (and ran) their way past zombies and undead knights, until they came across a door that led to a room that was unlike the others. This room was finely furnished with a finely dressed, well groomed elf standing on the other end. Bud ran into the room first, and charged the elf…. thinking he was an illusion. As Bud attempted to tackle the man, he collided with a thud against the man, not budging him one bit. Angrily the man picked up Bud by the neck, simultaneously emitting flames from his hands, searing Bud’s flesh before tossing him to the floor. Ilythian and Velnaar finally make into the room and notice the undead won’t follow them into this mysterious chamber.

The Trio closed the door, healed Bud, and begin to assess the situation. The mysterious elf offered tea and was quite hospitable, but the Trio knew there was more going on here. There were runes around the walls and floor that bound this elf to this room. There was a door on the opposite side of the room that was blocked from opening by a powerful enchantment. The strange elf said he would let them out, if they would destroy one of the runes that would release him.
Everyone (except bud), was hesitant to do this. The group decided to open the door and fight their way out of the cave…. and that they did. After defeating the undead knights and having a close call with a ghoul, they finally found the exit and felt the sun shine on them once again.

At the exit, they encountered an awkward city guard claiming to be a cleric of Bahamut. He wished to join them as he to sought vengeance upon The Well Dressed Man and was willing to give up his duties to do so. The Trio agreed, and they made there way back to Icebone Peaks.

The group gathered there things and prepared for the road to Luskan. Illythian stepped away from the group and went to meet with Silifrey Brightwood one last time. To his surprise, she was relieved that they survived the cave and told him of the troubles that she has had with The Well Dressed Man. She also told him that she thinks he may have dealings or is part of the Arcane Brotherhood and that the Brotherhood have been in conflict with the Thayans that moved into the area as of late. It’s been a territorial conflict for now, but could seemingly end in a mages war if things get out of hand.

Illythian, thankful for Silifrey’s gentleness, says goodbye and reunites with the others as the 4 or them set off to the snowy mountain road to Luskan.


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