Rites Of Passage

Episode 6: Unlikely Allies and Deadly Friends

The new Quartet rides west toward the coast…. and Luskan. The elevation begins to desend and cold mountain air gives way to cool ocean breezes. The ground begins to flatten and the road levels out and as the four continue to ride, they notice a some lights off into the distance. However it’s not Luskan they see, but a large compound lined with red banners.

The compound sits off the main road and welcomes all visitors. There is a huge main tent with 2 stone structures behind it. As the Quartet get closer, they notice the symbols on the banners are Thayan! This must be a Thayan Enclave! Everyone knows Thay’s reputation and know how enclaves pop up in various parts of Fearun, selling magical wares and services.

As night descends, all but Boris decides to enter. Boris remains at the entrance feeling to uncomfortable to covort with the likes of Thayans. The next few hours are quite eventful. Bud meets an old friend and makes an unlikely deal, Velnaar finds Isendor with plans to exact revenge, and Illythian finds a gypsy drum circle and claps to the festive beats.

Plans begin to go south, however. The two gold elves that were looking for Ilythian in Mirabar have shown up to the enclave. Considering there appearance, they were easy noticed by Boris (and everyone else). In the meantime, Velnaar had been stalking Isendor… who walked behind a building with a young gypsy woman. Velnaar confronts Isendor, but Isendor seems unimpressed. Before any violence could occur, Velnaar notices the young gypsy woman is dead, her body looking emaciated, as if her very life force was drained from her. Isendor tosses the body to Velnaar….. unfurling large bat wings. Isendor eyes glow an eerie red and his smile is suddenly filled with jagged fangs. He stares evilly at Velnaar and grins, and flys into the night sky… his maniacal laugh echoing the night sky as he flies west.

Bud eventually finds Boris and Boris tells him of the gold elves. Bud rushes to find Velnaar and Illythian and the group eventual reunites. Bud fills them on the gold elves and the group makes a hasty retreat from the enclave. Grabbing their horses, the quartet rode as fast as they could away from the enclave and the gold elves, and toward the infamous City of Sails.


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