Rites Of Passage

Episode 7: The Gates of Luskan

The Quartet finally arrive at the gates of Luskan. They quickly discover that all the foul rumors of this city seem to be true. All travellers and merchants must enter through the South Gate and the “guards” are charging a 10 gp entrance fee to the city. Bud reluctantly pays and the group finally passes through the city gates.

Unfamiliar with the ways of this environment, Bud’s expertise immediately comes into play. Guiding the quartet through dark urban streets, they manage to find a functioning stables and a place to spend the night. Unfortunately, the “inn” infamously known as One-Eyed Jax is like nothing the Quartet has even experienced. It is a decadent place filled with many races that have the gold to spend. Most notably, is the large Drow clientele and use of slaves as servants.

Some members of the group were more comfortable than this then others, however with nowhere else to go, the group acquiesce and spend the night at the costly establishment. Refreshed and fed, the Quartet plan their next move.

During the breakfast discussion, Velnaar remembers that he has an old aquaintence in Luskan…. a member of the Arcane Brotherhood! They set out to locate him and find him under a tree in park near the center of town. He seemed partly insane and wild-eyed, not at all how Velnaar remembers him. It is revealed by Velnaar’s contact that the Thayans unleashed a horrible enchantment on the tower that feebleminded members of the Brotherhood. That’s all he remembers…. that’s all he can remember.

Seemingly out of options, Bud reveals that he too, has a contact that he has not revealed. The rest of the group, puzzled, follow Bud to a delapidated old merchants office and introduced them to Olvan, a Red Wizard of Thay that apparently had a previous meeting with. Seeing as how the Arcane Brotherhood are mutual enemies, Olvan offered a “partnership” with the Quartet. In exchange he offered all the Thayan resources in Luskan and the enclave located outside of Luskan.

The group…. hesitant to get involved with Thay, look upon the contract offered to them by Olvan, and wonder if signing on with the Thayans was worth furthering their goals.


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