Rites Of Passage

Episode 8: The Enemies of my Enemies

The quartet seemed cautious at the thought of partnering with Thay. What would be the sacrifices made? What would they be asked to do? And would Thay betray them in the end? All these questions ran through their minds.Seemingly unable to come to a decision, the quartet asked for 24 hours to give their decision to which Olvan agreed. The quartet left Olvan’s hideout and pondered what to do next. They couldn't fathom the idea of Thayans being the only option, even in this wretched city. The next few hours entailed canvassing the streets of Luskan searching for information on anything that would help them in their cause. After a few hours the quartet heard rumors of somebody in the city named Briggan the Bold. The legendary Briggan the Bold, information broker of Luskan has remained a mystery with no one knowing his true identity. Seemingly out of leads and out of answers the group retires for the night and plan your next move. The rest of the night was met with the nagging thought in the back of their mind on what they're going to tell Olvan. Upon a discussion over breakfast, the Quartet finally come to the conclusion that if the city is indeed run by the five Pirate Kings, then maybe they hold some of the answers to getting in the Host Tower of the Arcane Brotherhood. There are four Bridges that extend to the merchant district that the Pirate King's call home and the Quartet made their way across one of the shorter bridges to get there. Unfortunately the bridge seemed blocked off by barricades with a dozen or so ruffians guarding the way into the Merchant District. Upon approach to the barricade they were told to get lost or they would be met with a sound beating. Along the bridge are dozens of fishermen, so the Quartet decided that maybe one of them knew something and proceed to ask one of them questions. Much like the other random citizens, he didn't seem to have much information as just staying alive and surviving was enough of a task in Luskan. As the quartet questioned the fisherman, Boris noticed a group approaching behind them on the bridge. As the group approached, the fishermen ran away toward the city leaving the group alone with the nefarious bunch. The group identified themselves as Cult of the Dragon members and came to see for themselves if there was a follower of Bahamut in Luskan as they have eliminated all of his followers already. The Cult of the Dragon members swiftly attacked the group but were easily dispatched. They retreated hastily when Illythian’s mind magic bent the will of Cult’s berserker, forcing him to attack their wizard leader. Velnaar, never deterred from a victory, chased them back to the city and followed them to a large warehouse on the north side of Luskan. Seeing as how he was definitely in the wrong part of town, he thought discretion was the better part of valor and returned to the bridge to tell the rest of the group what he had discovered. As the group recovered from the attack, they realize they needed to return to Olvan to give him their answer and so they returned to his hideout. However, they still couldn't make the call to join him or refuse so they once again asked him to have more time. Olvan reluctantly agreed and said to come back by midnight of that day to give him an answer. The Quartet left Olvan’s hideout and while on the street met a curious and energetic gnome that seemed familiar with the group’s presence in Luskan. The Gnome introduced himself as Gimble One-Shoe, and told them that he was a friend of someone Illythian and Constance used to know. He told him that he could help them and give them the information they required back at his humble abode. The Quartet followed Gimble back to his home where he politely served them stew and revealed himself as a Harper agent. Gimble also introduced the Quartet to his partner Alstan, a Wizard and sage. Gimble sadly revealed there used to be 4 harper agents in Luskan, but the other 2 agents disappeared trying to investigate the Tower of the Arcane Brotherhood. As it turns out, Rory, Constance's friend from Miramar was also a Harper Agent and so Gimble was assigned to keep an eye out for Illythian and his friends in Luskan. However, to make sure the group was trustworthy, he had to watch them for a day or two to make sure they didn’t side with Thay before he can reveal his identity to them. Gimble told many things to the Quartet and even though he knew much, even he did not know where to find a Briggan the Bold. However, he knows someone who does know. There's a tiefling by the name of Malzor Euphoria that runs a Gambling Hall & Lounge called The Waukeen's Favor. He could possibly know the whereabouts of Briggan the Bold. And so the Quartet make their way to Waukeen's Favor and meet with this tiefling Malzor. The gregarious Tiefling takes the group to his office (with guards) and reveals to them that Briggan the Bold does indeed exist as the rumors say. Briggan is fond of rarities and for them to meet him, they would have to go into the sewers and recover something from the kobolds that live there. The Quartet eagerily agree and they delve into the sewers dodging traps and battling kobolds….. nearly dying along the way. But the Quartet persevered and retrieved a dragon egg from the clutches of the kobold king. Beaten but Victorious the group made their way to the surface and plan their next steps


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