Rites Of Passage

Episode 9: Briggan the Bold!

The intrepid Quartet return to Gimble’s house to recuperate and plan. After speaking to Alston and Gimble, the Quartet finally agrees to deliver the egg to Malzour Euphoria at Waukeen’s Favor. Malzour was delighted to see that they have returned with the egg and gave them instructions to Briggan the Bold’s establishment, The Jester’s Cap. The Jesters Cap is a small rarities and oddities shop on the north side of town. The group wasted no time and travel there immediately. Upon arrival, the group realized that this was a store unlike any other they have been in. The store is packed with exotic items from all over Faerun. Strange sights, sounds, and smells barraged the senses as the group made their way through the cramped aisles. The Quartet scanned the shop cautiously and spotted a bald spindly man behind a counter at the back of the store. Moving to the rear of the store, an orc intimidatingly stands in the corner with a very large axe that seems to be acting as security.

The Quartet approach the counter and begin to barter with the spindly man to meet Briggan the Bold. After some back and forth, the spindly man motioned for the orc to take them to the back offices to meet Briggan the Bold. The orc ushered them through a back door and into a hallway to the back offices. As the group shuffled into the hallway the orc closed the door and were shocked when the orc revealed himself to be Briggan the Bold! The Quartet, stunned by this, moves down the hallway and into a back office.

Before any deals were made, Briggan excused himself to say goodbye to a client that was waiting for Briggan when the group arrived. The group observed as Briggan moved across the hallway and opened a door to another office. The Quartet was stunned to see that the other client was none other than The Quiet Swordsman! The Swordsman, seemingly on his way out, nodded an acknowledgment toward The Quartet and walked out. The group, now more cautious than ever, tentatively begin trading information in exchange for the prized dragon egg.

Briggan, enamoured with the dragon egg, told them a great many things. The first thing Briggan told the group was that there are two ways to enter the Arcane Brotherhood Tower: one by wearing a Signet ring of the Arcane Brotherhood or by entering on the night of a full moon. The Quartet also learned that members of the Arcane Brotherhood that fell in the first attack were buried in the Ruins of Illusk in the center of town. Since the Ruins of Illusk has been walled up by the Pirate Kings, it seems difficult to even gain entry without scaling the walls the old fashioned way. Of course, that is not counting the horrors that have spawned from their graves in the past few months. Lastly, they asked about The Quiet Swordsman and Briggan confirmed that he does carry a Signet ring of the Arcane Brotherhood. Also, The Swordsman only leaves the tower to complete a ritual to a powerful demon in a cave on the shores of luskan. He sacrifices to a Maralith in exchange for a fraction of her dark power.

Not to be deterred from their noble path, Velnaar and Boris both inquired about the Cult of the Dragon’s activities. Briggan confirmed that The Cult of the Dragon did not interact with the usual riffraff of Luskan and have kept to themselves. He believes that there are bones of a dragon underneath the Ruins of Illusk and that the Cult of the Dragon seek to gain entry to raise those bones as a Dracolich.

Now faced with the daunting tasks and tough decisions, The Quartet strategize and plan for their next course of action.


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