Rites Of Passage

Episode: 27 Finding your North Star

A new dawn presented itself, and with it came difficult decisions. Each option seemed more dangerous than the next, however, the Quartet (with Kion) decide to head southeast through the valley and try to find the flower mentioned in Joren’s journal. The group recalls that… by a very fortunate accident… that Joren had hid in a bush where these magnificent flowers bloomed while hiding from the infamous beast of the island.

The road would not be easy. Without a guide, the group was forced navigate the jungle with nothing but their wits and limited training. They avoided quicksand, and the flying lizards that prowl the skies above the valley. They decide to use the thick of the jungle to their advantage but soon find themselves in a strange situation.

They come across a “garden” consisting of stone statues that have been overgrown by jungle plant life. They were met by a mysterious hooded woman who offered them a choice. Since they were trespassing, the fee would be one of the part to add to her “garden” or they can rid her of the creature that infested “dungeon” below them. The quartet agreed (lied), and went below ground only to discover the “creature” was some kind of beholder-kin!

Below ground seemed to be a strange library of sorts. The beholder-kin, being below ground for so long by itself, seemed a little insane. After a quick conversation with the Beholder-kin… the group decided to find a way out through the building without having to confront the hooded woman above ground.

They navigated downward, fighting undead and a Formorian along the way. Amongst the Fomorian’s belongings… was a covered cage with Kenku Whistler (from the ship The Bloody Serpent). Whistler shared with them a lot of information from what he has overheard and revealed that he saw Kion die when The Bloody Serpent crashed on the rocks. It was at this point that group realized that Kion did not follow them downward.

With this new information, they continued on. They managed to find the exit and head off into the jungle further. Again, without a guide, they group once again found themselves in trouble. They came upon some old tents and cautiously approached. They were shocked to find the jungle girl from the beach living in the tents! Before they could make any meaningful contact, they were ambushed by a group of multi-armed ape like creatures. (damn failed survival checks!). The fight was brutal, but the party survived.

…But one party member was missing! In the heat of the combat, Illythian vanished! Too injured to continue, the group decide to take a quick (some would say “short”) rest and question the mysterious jungle girl to see if she could answer some much troubling questions.

Losing hours from wandering the jungle and fighting its inhabitants, the group now is racing against the falling sun to see if they can what happened to Illythian.


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