Rites Of Passage

Session #19: Broken Spirits

The group springs to their feet as Illythian’s terrified warning echoed through the halls. The Quartet quickly grabbed their belongings, jumped to their feet, and rushed out into the hallway. They each peered down the hall and their in the darkness, stood the Ulitharid gliding down the hall toward them. It was at this point that the group realized the House of Knowledge had truly fallen.

Everyone agrees that discretion is the better part of valor and makes a run for it. Hogforth leads them to the closest staircase heading down to the second floor mezzanine that overlooks the first floor library. As they peered over the edge of the mezzanine, they saw a large hole in the floor of the library, seemingly leading to some place they didn’t want to end up. A quick scan of the first floor revealed several of the HoK acolytes on the floor twitching violently, but otherwise were not active.

Hearing the Ulitharid coming down the staircase, the group makes a break for the mezzanine staircase… everyone but Ilythian. Illythian leaped over the rail of the mezzanine, using his mental abilities to warp reality around him to land safely. Unfortunately, upon landing, there were more twitching acolytes then he saw from the mezzanine. As he landed safely upon the ground, the acolytes sat up and rushed toward Illythian.

The rest of the group were already at the front door when they noticed Illythian being grabbed by the acolytes and being dragged toward that menacing dark hole. At this point, the Ulitharid was already at the top of the mezzanine, looking down upon his assured victory. The group, not wanting to let Illythian die, rushed back to help.

The group quickly learned the dangers of facing a creature such as this unprepared, as the group was assailed by the full power of the Ulitharid’s mind blast. This kind of power being unleashed upon their fragile minds rocked Velnaar and Illythian to their very core, preventing them from even defending themselves. However, with a combination of bravery and luck, Pavo and Hogforth were able to combat the acolytes and keep the Ulitharid from eating Velnaar’s brain. They rescued Velnaar and Illythian…. leading them out of the HoK and onto the dimly lit streets of Neverwinter. The Ulitharid, stopped short at the front door, and watched for a second, before slinking back in to the darkness of the HoK halls.

Lost and nowhere to go, Hogforth led them to his house, but they quickly learned they were being watched there. Hogforth had another idea, he takes them out of his house through a secret passage and to a merchant’s shop on the other side of town. At the back of the store, Hogforth revealed a secret passage that lead to a safe house! It is there that he revealed himself to be a Harper agent and his intentions to help.

Broken, beaten, and defeated, the group carefully decides their next course of action, the Quartet decides to make contact with the crew of the Bloody Serpent in order to secure passage to the mysterious island that lies in the west…… and hopefully to get obtain some answers from the enigmatic professor Joren.


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