Rites Of Passage

Episode 13: The Seeds of Corruption

The group once again slipped into the night, making their way across town to Waukeen’s Favor. Paranoid, angry, and injured, the group was certainly in a surly mood when they arrived. At the entrance way to the game hall, the group was approached by a young handmaiden and gave a message to Bud.

The message was from a seductive (and armed) female Drow. She was sitting across the room drinking a glass of wine, casually looking at the group. Of course (since I described her for more than 2 seconds), this prompted the group to approach her table and rapidly start asking her questions. She seemed uninterested in answering their question, probably because they had not introduced themselves or had any sort of rapport with her. She did admit that she was there to kill them, but had decided not to. Beyond that, she revealed nothing and asked to speak to Bud privately. Bud agreed without question (duh) and they went into a private meeting room somewhere below decks. The rest of the group was left to their own devices, got rooms for the night, and planned the raid on the Ruins of Illusk the next day.

During the course of the night, Malzour told Illythian that there was somebody that wanted to speak to him in a private room. Illythian agreed and was escorted to an office somewhere in the below decks. He was shocked to see that the person that wanted to speak to him was none other than one of the gold else that he had been running from.

The gold elf told Illythian some startling information and told him to meet him outside of the city buy a grove of trees off the main road when their business with Luskan is over (The Ruins of Illusk). As this meeting was occuring, the other gold elf that had been pursuing Illythian came to Velnaar’s room. The gold elf also revealed to him some shocking (but contradictory) information. However, this gold elf told Velnaar to meet him outside the city next to the river Mirabar where he is camped. He also mentioned to Velnaar to come to the river camp when his business with Luskan is over.

Afterwards, Illythian and Velnaar came together and shared what they had learned. They were stunned to hear that the gold else spoke separately to them but also gave them contradictory information that could tear the group apart.

Putting this aside for a moment, the group was still focused on completing their task at the Ruins Illusk. The next day, they made their way to the outer wall of the Ruins. Leolin, as promised, channeled his divine magic, sacrificing his link to Bahamut (temporarily) to create a portal throughthe massive stone wall.

They entered slowly, peering inside cautiously as they stepped through the wall. Inside the walls, the group immediately noticed it was night time with a large full moon overhead. There was a heavy, dense fog creeping throughout the area. The very ground itself was broken and cracked, a shadow of its natural form. Shadows seemed to loom in the fog but the players could not make out what they were. At the other end of the Ruins stood the Spire of Illusk, a tall foreboding figure with a pulsating reddish light emanating from the top level.

A booming voice began to echo throughout the cemetary. The voice taunted Velnaar….

“Come to me traitor! Come to me and meet your destiny!”

The group continued to make their way forward down the main path, toward the spire. As they got about half-way, a skeleton exited the spire. It stands at the entranceway of the spire, ominously staring at the approaching party. Suddenly, it ignited in brilliant flame. Out of nowhere, all the old lanterns and torchlights kindled one by one lighting the area surrounding the startled Quartet. The group looked around in horror as they realized they were completely surrounded by hordes of Undead.

The Flaming skeleton confidently walked forward, speaking once again. It’s voice, evil and malevolent, tells the group that only Velnaar is to enter the Spire. Any attempt by Boris, Illythian, or Bud to enter the spire or if they take any offensive action, it would be their demise. Velnaar looked back upon the group (possibly for the last time), readied himself, and entered the spire. He walked up the long spiral steps and when he reached the top he was greeted by none other than Isendor himself. It is here that Isendor tells Velnaar of the long-lasting consequences corruption has on your soul…. how it twists what you think and changes the very nature of your being. Shaken, Velnaar draws his weapon and prepares for the worst. In response, Isendor shows Velnaar his true form, and dives into battle. A great duel ensued, with the clash of swords and blasts of arcane fire. Each time blows were struck, fragments and chunks of stone of the Spire would crumble, break and blast apart. Mighty flashes of light and energy beamed out from the top of the spire as these two opposing forces struck at one another. The great battle came down to the last blow but luckily Velnaar was able to hold strong and strike down the demonic Isendor.

Velnaar, finally victorious, throws Isendor’s body from the top of the Spire. It lands with a thud on the ground below. The horde surrounding Boris, Bud, and Illythian begin to crumble and distintigrate, their lifeless husks falling to the ground. The walls surrounding the ruins now also begin to dissolve and fall apart. The bright sunlight on the sword Coast begins to break through the clouds, and the ominous night that once was in no more. Velnaar leaves the spire beaten, but victorious and rejoins the group below. The group refocus on their intended purpose, to search for the rings of the Arcane Brotherhood. They quickly search the grounds and locate the mass grave where the bodies of Brotherhood members were thrown. After much digging, they gather as many rings as they can. With the outer walls now in ruins, the citizens of Luskan have begun to form a crowd around the ruins. The Quartet decide to make haste back to Waukeen’s Favor.


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