Relayna of the Moon

"The Huntress of Neverwinter Wood"


Relayna is a tall, physically fit elf. She has long brown hair that she often keeps tightly wrapped in a ponytail. Those lucky enough to spot her claim that she often wears green leather tunic and cloak, making it difficult to see amongst the trees of the Neverwinter Wood. She wears a necklace with a holy pendant of the goddess Selune, and for this she was dubbed Relayna of the moon.


Relayna remains a mystery… even among her own kin of the Neverwinter Wood. She now lives amongst the wilds of the great forest, often disappearing for days or weeks at a time. Rumors from witneses claim she will emerge from the shadows to slay a wicked beast or to help travellers that have gotten themselves into trouble. However, she never stays around long enough for a thank you and quickly disappears back to the forest she calls home.

Relayna of the Moon

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