Rites Of Passage

Session #4: A Crisis of Consciousness

The Trio were finally on the road trailing the Well Dressed Man and the Quiet Swordsman, planning their next move. Would they get their opportunity to rescue Constance? Would they try to?

Thoughts of Percy’s fate (and sudden snowfall) weighed on the minds of Illythian and Velnaar, and they could not bear the thought leaving Percy to cold, freezing death. After some convincing, Illythian and Velnaar persuade Bud to lead them back to hills where him and Percy parted ways. After a quick stop for protective winter clothes, the Trio made their way back east on the main road.

After some traveling, from atop a hill… the Trio spot a squad of goblins headed toward a forest tree line that leads into the crags. They decide that they would ambush the goblins, hoping to find answers on Percy’s whereabouts. As they get into position, Velnaar notices a goblin carrying the banner of the mercenary warband, The Chill.

Velnaar notifies the others of his discovery and decides to parlay instead of attacking. The goblins, caught off guard ready for an attack, but their leader cautiously speaks to Velnaar. Before the conversation is finished, a feral Ogre breaks through the tree line and attacks the goblins and The Trio. After felling most of the goblins and nearly killing Velnaar, the ogre finally falls.

Earning the trust of the squad leader, Gorstag, he tells The Trio that he and his men rescued Percy and his guards and took them back to their camp. Gorstag agreed that he would take them there due to their help. Upon arriving to the camp, they are taken to Percy and it is exactly as Gorstag stated. Percy was happy and surprised to see the group. Percy tells them that The Chill there is a safer route to Luskan that follows the river Mirabar, but it will take them an additional 5 days to get there.

The Trio agree to take the shorter route to Luskan through the main road so head back to Icebone Peaks. They notice upon arrival that the guards seem to be very active and on edge. As the group picks up some last minute supplies , Illythian asks one of the guards what is going on… and to his surprise, the guard calls for other guards to come to his aid to arrest the Trio. Before they can react more and more guards show up, cornering them in the stables and ordering them to surrender.

Session 3: A road of infinite choices

Upon seeing the gold elves…. Illythian ran frantically into a barracks in Diesa’s courtyard and proceeded to have what seems like a complete mental breakdown. With the help of Bud and Velnaar, they were able to bring Ilythian back to his right mind.

Ilythian told Bud and Velnaar that they need to leave Mirabar as those elves were looking for him, even though he doesn’t exactly remember why. Bud, knowing his path lies in Luskan agrees with Ilythian…. and the Trio set off to make plans to leave Mirabar. After a brief seperation, the Trio meets at the western gate to find out that the road to Luskan has been closed because of attacks by unknown band of creatures known as The Rippers. There have been no word from the Fort town of Icebone Peaks that lies between Mirabar and Luskan. Percy, not wanting wait, bribes the gate captain to get through the gate. In the meantime, Bud found an alternative route…. a dwarf by the name of Isendor takes a secret route north of the main road through the hills. Isendor agrees to take them if they wear his tabbard, so things seem legal.

This presented an interesting choice for The Trio. Not trusting Isendor completely, the Trio decides to go with Percy’s caravan. As they left the western gate and started down the main road, Ilythian had a change of heart and jumped off the caravan and catch up with Isendor. Velnaar, loyal and brave, decided to stay lllythian. Bud, determined in his goals, stayed with Percy’s caravan and headed down the road to Luskan. They agree to meet in Icebone Peaks to rescue Constance from the Druegar before making their way to Luskan.

Bud’s path was a hard ride, but they were lucky enough to not run across any Rippers. After passing over a hill, the group spotted a patrol of goblins in the valley ahead. These goblins were different than the ones encountered before, dressed in miliary garb and carrying a banner. Bud yelled for Percy’s caravan to ride hard passed the goblins, while taking a shot at them with his bow. In response to the attack the goblins fired back striking 2 of Percy’s guards. Only 1 fell off his horse while the other slumped over unconscious.

After riding a safe distance away, the caravan stopped and looked over their injured companion. The healer states that this guard is gravely injured and will bleed out if he is moved. Bud decided to ride ahead to Icebone Peaks, leaving Percy’s group behind.

Ilythian and Velnaar traveled through the hills north of the main road with Isendor. They discovered while they were traveling that Isendor left crates of dead halflings for some of the hills more ravenous inhabitants… thus allowing him to pass. Even though they were disgusted and confusesd by what is occuring, they decide not to confront him and continue on to Icebone Peaks.

Eventually the party meets in the Fort Town and discuss the next course of action. They discover that the well dressed man that was described to them by Top Hat was in town, and they decide to trail him. The Well Dressed Man, accompanied by a silent swordsman, made their way into the hills south of Icebone Peaks to a cavern. There, they see the Druegar completing his transaction with the Well Dressed Man. The Well Dressed Man takes possession of Constance and head out the cave. The Trio hid outside the cave but decided not to take action, instead they decide that following the Well Dressed Man to his destination might be a better option than confrontation.

The Well Dressed Man and the Quiet Swordsman make their way on horseback out of Icebone Peaks toward Luskan…. and the Trio follows behind.

Session #2: A hero rises

Friday, January 8th 2016

Puzzled, desperate, and under pressure…. Illythian and Bud sit at the Salty Broad Tavern and decide what the next plan of attack is. First, the duo return to Percy Bloom and explain to him what they have learned. They figured that going to Luskan where there is a known Arcane Brotherhood Tower was a priority. Percy agreed and would prepare his guard to travel there immediately, however… he feared the outcome would not be fruitful as you can not walk up to the tower and “knock on the front door”. After a lengthy discussion, Illythian and Bud decide to return to the Salty Broad Tavern and question Top Hat on what he knows about the mysterious Duergar and his nefarious plans.

They manage to convince Top Hat to go to the storeroom and from there begin to interrogate him. Suspecting he was holding back, Bud began to beat Top Hat with a large salami (yes, a salami) until he gave up the information they were seeking. Top Hat reveals that this Duergar was going to drop off the Constance to a well dressed dark haired human at an outpost called Icebone Peak, about 3 days travel west of Mirabar. Top Hat also reveals that the Duergar is currently camped ina part of an abandoned mine known as Thyrm’s Pass and will leave within the next day or two.

Learning this informatin, Illythian and Bud attempt to force Top Hat out of the bar to confess his crimes to Percy…. but this was met with failure as many of Top Hat’s patrons were willing to take up arms in his defense. The duo thought it was best to drop Top Hat (literally), and make haste out of the Salty Broad.

Returning to Percy’s manor, they once again explained what they had learned. By this time Percy and his men were rallied and prepared for the long ride to Luskan, so time was of the essence. Percy tells the duo confirms that Thyrm’s Pass is an abandoned mine owned by a Dwarf named Diesa Frostburn. Percy refers to her as a “bastard” and is reluctant to ask for help as she owns The Crescent Moon Mining Company… a direct rival to his own. The duo convince Percy to wait until the morning after they speak with Diesa before he makes the trek to Luskan as they may be able to rescue Constance beforehand.

Once the sun comes up, the duo make their way Diesa’s manor house. As they approached the thick walls of Diesa’s manor house, they were surprised to see no guards at the front gate… and the gate itself was unlocked. There was howls and yells coming from inside the courtyard, so Illythian and Bud cautiously opened the gate and entered. Inside the courtyard, the duo saw a large crowd surrounding what looked like to be a female dwarf and an impossibly large dragonborn in a grappling match. After the exercise ended, the attention shifted on to Illythian and Bud. The female dwarf was indeed Diesa herself, and the duo managed to get an audience with her and explained their situation.

However, their pleading seemed to fall on deaf ears as Diesa was a business woman, and wondered what compensation she would get for this. Knowing that compensation was not an option, Illythian volunteered Bud to a grappling match with Diesa, and if he won, she would give them access. Diesa found this amusing, but countered by saying that if he can beat her Dragonborn, then she would comply.

Bud confidently agreed to the contest (he was able to mask his fear well). The 2 competitors entered the grappling circle and once again the guards and house workers gathered around and cheered on. Bud made the first move with a body shot and quickly clinched the much larger opponent. Bud found it difficult to maintain his hold and continued to lay in with body shots… driving the wind out of the Dragonborn. However, the strong scales of the Dragonborn provided much protection.. and although Bud got in some great shots, the Dragonborn suddenly erupted out of his grasp, headbutting Bud in the nose. Stunned, Bud reeled back and threw a sloppy punch that missed. The Dragonborn took advantage and drove a side kick into Bud’s pelvis that nearly flipped him over. Bud did not get up after that.

Diesa was pleased with the contest, and the Dragonborn seemed eager to help in the Duo’s cause…. so it was agreed he would take them to the Thyrm’s pass to see if their story holds true and to help them rescue Constance if able.

And so this day, the Duo became the Trio.

After leading them through the blockaded area into Thyrm’s pass, the tunnel became more of a unworked cavern. After some travel, they came upon a small alcove with another tunnel on the opposite side. They could see 2 goblins in the alcove, who seem to be laughing at something. The Trio decided to act, but the Dragonborn moved in first and gave away their position due to his loud armor and heavy footsteps. One goblin immediately ran away to a tunnel that led in the Thyrm’s Pass cavern. The other goblin through a javelin, striking the Dragonborn in the leg, before making a retreat.

Inexperience and impatience led to a tense battle. As more goblins came pouring down the hall, it seems that the this Trio were about to meet an untimely end…. but fate was on their side today, and they pulled through.

The tunnel on the on the other side of the alcove opened up into Thyrm’s pass, and they could see the Duergar, taunting them with warhammer in hand. Behind him a cart holding a cage… only a humanoid silhouette could be made out. Weakened and bleeding, the Trio retreated back up the mine and to Diesa’s manor.

After returning to Diesa’s manor, the Trio had a chance to heal and reflect on the day’s events. After some rest, the Trio set out to leave and met Diesa in the courtyard to say goodbye, but she seemed distracted by 2 gold elves standing at her front gate talking to her Earth Genasi servant.

The 2 gold elves lock eyes with Illythian and he freezes in fear. As Illythian and the gold elves stare at each other, everyone braces themselves for what could be a battle. Overcome with fear, Illythian yells “RUN!” and turns on his heels and bolts as fast as he can in the opposite direction. The gold elves….with a dangerous calm…. backed down and walked away.

Session #1: Searching for Destiny

Monday, December 21st 2015

Game Note: This adventure log starts with the characters already in the City of Mirabar. Their individual backgrounds are currently kept secret for campaign purposes.

Illythan’s sudden exodus from the Neverwood has led him to the gates of Mirabar. Unfamiliar and unsure, Illythian wandered the great dwarven city in awe and curiousity. However, the dwarven population were less than happy to greet him with open arms. Illythian was met with distrust and derision from many dwarves, making it well-known that some didn’t find him welcome. He began to feel like more of an outsider than ever before when he met a young human noble named Constance Bloom. She befriended him and took him into her home. She was fascinated by Illythian and wanted to learn as much as she could, and Illythian was enamoured by the Bloom’s extensive library. To get away from the over-protectiveness of her father, Percy Bloom, she would often conduct her alchemy experiements at the The Merry Bandits Tavern. The tavern owner, Rory Fatbottom, always saves a booth for Constance in the back.

Budvar “Bud”
Bud, desparately searching for his childhood friend, traveled to Mirabar in search of someone who can translate the dwarven rune that appears in his book. Being a veteran of the streets, he came a across a shifty human named Madroy. “Tophat”, as Madroy is more commonly called, told Bud that he knows someone that can translate the rune if he does him a favor… deliver a rare flower to a young girl at The Merry Bandit Tavern. A girl named Constance. Bud agrees and takes the flower over to the Merry Bandit Tavern…..

…. and that is where our adventure truly begins.

Upon entering the The Merry Bandit, Bud notices both Constance and Illythian sitting at a booth in the back. Bud saunters over and gives the rose to Constance and tells her its on behalf of Madroy. Constance is puzzled, as she is disgusted by Madroy, but accepts the gift and smells the flower. Constance reveals that her father, Percy Bloom, would have knowledge on how to translate the rune, so instead of going back to Madroy, Bud accepts Constance’s offer and returns with her back to her home. Illythian, Percy, Constance, and Bud all have dinner and share talk of the day’s events….. when Bud shows him his book with the Dwarven Rune. Percy explains to him that it is a Duergar symbol, but further study is required and will take a little time, possibly a few hours. Given that information, Illythian retires to his quarters to meditate, Constance goes to sleep for the night, and Bud and Percy stay up and study the Rune. Percy reveals that the rune is a Duergar symbol for the “Onyx”, a war band of Duergar that were ancient enemies of the dwarves of Mirabar. But these enemies were defeated long ago and if they are back, it can not be good.

A few hours later (around Midnight), yells from guards ring through the halls. “She’s gone! She’s gone! Constance is not in her room!” Percy, Illythian, and Bud rush to Constances’ room and indeed find that she has vanished. Percy demands that Illythian and Bud help find out what happened to Constance. Illythian and Bud’s investigation leads them to a gate guard named Lucus, who claims he was bribed by Tophat to “look the other way”, when Constance walks past the gate. After being interrogated, Lucus turns tail and runs down the street abandoning his post in fear of retribution from Percy.

Knowing that Tophat owns The Salty Broad Tavern, Illythian and Bud head their immediately. Upon arriving, the barmaid tells them that Tophat has left town in a hurry and didn’t say when he was coming back. Illythian, suspecting a deception, used “influences” to derive the truth…. that Tophat was in a secret room behind the storeroom, handing over Constance to a Duergar. Illythian and Bud make their way to the storeroom and find the lever that leads to the secret room. They sneak down a small hall and pause when they hear voices coming from room ahead.

In the room, Tophat and a mysterious Duergar are having a conversation about the Onyx and their recent aquisition of prisoners. Deciding not to attack, Bud listens in and learns some valuable information. It seems that the Duergar are working with the Arcane Brotherhood but it is not revealed why or in what way. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, Bud and Ilythian sneak back to the main room of the The Salty Broad and discuss future plans.


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