Rites Of Passage

Episode 22-26

Roughing It

A lot has transpired in the near Tenday the Quartet has been on the island.


They discovered the home of a stranded Tabaxi by the name of Shadow of the Mountaintop. With some convincing, he led them from his home in the rocky cliffs and guided them through the hillside paths to a temple in the north. Shadow warns them that the flying beasts patrol the northern mountains and to be careful when traveling through this area. Luckily, Shadow knew the way and got them to their destination safely.


As they look upon the temple from a distance, the exterior of the temple appears like a an ancient Chultan temple, but as they descended from the mountain path and closer to the temple…. they discovered thatit had been converted to a temple of Ilmater. The Quartet entered the temple (unceremoniously) and cleared it of its denizens. However, the most startling discovery was on the upper floors. The former tenants fashioned a test for those worthy of Ilmater… one that encapsulated everything Ilmater stands for.

Luckily, the Quartet survived but yet one thing remained. The last room held arms for a champion of Ilmater, one that could only be used by converts to Ilmaters cause. After some contemplation, Hogsforth decides to step up to the challenge and take on the path of the Martyred God.

On the bottom level, there is half working portal. The Ilmater followers that were trying to get off the island but could not complete the process to escape. The portal operates by 2 willing subjects stepping into a magic circle, where they are subject to continuous pain. When there are 2 subjects in the portal, their age is extended and they are not allowed to step out of the circle unless another volunteer takes their place. There was an Ilmater follower in one of the circles, the first of Ilmater’s followers to volunteer. Unfortunately, the other acolytes were killed by the Yuan Ti before they could escape. The Yuan Ti left the last acolyte in the portal, leaving him to the hag that lived in the temple.

Tempted to escape, but still wanting to find Joren, the group decides to head east. They happen upon a group of buidings in the jungle. Each building seemed from a different time and place in Faerun’s history. They discovered that the Yuan Ti are holding prisoners here and they seem to be mutating their form into something…. else. The area was crawling with with Yuan Ti so of course the Quartet decided to launch a frontal attack.

A great battle ensued with the Quartet barely scraping by with a victory. But alas, one of the Yuan Ti escaped. Battered and beaten, the quartet retreats back to the temple. They take a rest for the night, but were attacked by Yuan Ti during the night. After the battle was over, Hogsforth and Pavo noticed that Shadow had been hiding in another room. Angered and full of rage, Hogsforth and Pavo threatened to kill Shadow if he does not enter the fray next time.

Scared for his life and offended, Shadow leaves the temple while the group is discussing the next course of action. They decied to rest, however this time, knowing they are vulnerable, Pavo casts Leomund’s Tiny Hut, ensuring the safety of the Quartet. snakes.jpgAnd it was a good thing too, as more vicious vipers were seen slithering around the room later on that night.

Now… as dawn approaches, the Quartet is at a crossroads. With Shadow gone, navigating the island could be difficult. With enemies everywhere, certain members of the group feel it may be necessary to sacrifice themselves to the portal of Ilmater in order to make sure the group survives.

However, this would mean abandoning the search for Joren and the answers that many of the group so desparately are searching for.


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